Corporate Governance

The Directors are aware of the UK Corporate Governance Code (September 2014) applicable to all companies with a Premium Listing of equity shares.

As an AIM listed company, the Company is not required to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code but the Directors nonetheless intend to comply with its main provisions as far as is practicable, having regard to the size of the Group.

The Board currently comprises three Executive Directors and four Non-Executive Directors, including the Chairman. The Board has a formal schedule of matters reserved for its decisions. In addition to those formal matters required by the Companies Act 2006, the Board also considers business strategy and policy, approval of major capital investment plans, risk management policy, significant financing matters, senior personnel appointments and statutory shareholder reporting.

The Chairman conducts Board and shareholder meetings and ensures that all Directors are properly briefed.  The Directors have access to independent professional advice at the Company’s expense and to the Company Secretary (who is also a solicitor), and receive appropriate training where necessary.